What we do

Ginger Ross + Co. is a high end, full service residential interior design firm. Ginny and her team of sub-contractors and craftspeople transform and create spaces for the most discerning clients. Whether your home needs a facelift, or you are in the process of renovating or building a new home, Ginger Ross + Co. plans and manages your project from its beginning design stages to its finishing details.

Our approach

We spend a lot of time getting to know you. We ask a lot of questions and you do, too. 

We find out what you like and how you want your space to feel, how you want it to function and what your priorities are. What is the scope of your project as you see it? How do you want each room to feel and how do you want each room to function? How does your family live—do you want a place for everything to be put away, where do you store your everyday items, where do you eat, where do you come together as a family, do you need private space, do you divide space between formal living and family living, will any space be precious or would you prefer to maximize functionality?  How does your family move—where do you enter and leave your home, do you wear shoes in your house, where do you anticipate high traffic zones? What is your personal style—what colors do you love, or hate, silver or gold, one finish or mixed, blue jeans and flip flops or wrap dress with wedges, simple white walls and wainscoting or bright wallpapers and high gloss trim, what is your favorite outfit, who are the designers you love? What is your ideal timeline? What do you anticipate spending?

We share inspirational photos and ideas.

We want to know the things that you love and what inspires you. We create a shared photo album so that you can share every screen shot you take of the perfect family room, your dream kitchen or even a gown that you would wear to your next big event. We want to see everything.

We plan.

With your feedback we begin the design process by measuring and drawing your space, laying out floor plans and scheming preliminary colors, patterns and textures. The design process evolves based on our presentations to you and your feedback in return. Sometimes the process is decisive and quick; other times it is deliberate and unhurried. In either case the process is organic, collaborative and fun. And with any luck, you like our ideas as much as we do.

We execute. 

From start to finish, we manage your project so that you don’t have to. There will be moments of indecisiveness and second guessing. We are here to assure you and reassure you that the end result will be exactly what you want. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire an interior designer?

An interior designer will not only provide a new perspective on your space, but also offer creative design solutions, and access both “to the trade” resources and skilled craftspeople and sub-contractors. An interior designer will manage all facets of your project, including your budget and timeline.

How do I choose the right designer for me?

You should choose a designer with a portfolio that you love. You should have an aesthetic connection with their work. If this is true, set up an in-person meeting. You will spend a ton of time with your designer—and they will learn a lot about you. You should look forward to this process, so the designer you choose should not only be someone whose style you admire, but also someone you feel comfortable with.

Why should I hire Ginger Ross + Co.?

We “get” our clients. We invest in learning about you and your family and what your tastes and needs are. We create dynamic solutions that satisfy all criteria of your project and we manage and execute these plans seamlessly.

I LOVE your work. How far would you travel for a project?

We are always open to a new challenge. Please contact us to discuss your project.

I live outside of the New York/Connecticut area. Do you work remotely?

We hope to offer remote design services for our less-local friends soon.

What type of projects can Ginger Ross manage?

We take on residential projects spanning from whole house renovations and updates to entirely new construction projects. 

Do we need to use your contractor or architect?

We have access to a crew of highly skilled sub-contractors and artisans. We can assist you in finding the right team to execute your project.  We are always open to working with new people.

As a client, how involved in the design process will I need to be?

The good news is that you can be as involved in your project as you want to be. The design process is a collaborative effort between you and us—we come up with ideas, present them to you, and use your feedback to develop those plans. Most clients enjoy being a part of this process.  Some have specific ideas and criteria; others want to be surprised. Either way, you give us the thumbs up and we can execute those plans independent of you.

Will I be working one-to-one with a designer?

Yes, we work closely with all of our clients. You will see a lot of us.

What will our project cost?  How do I work out a budget?

We are always happy to discuss our pricing model with you and often create mock budgets to give clients or potential clients a realistic idea of what costs their project could require.

Where do you get your furniture? Can you integrate my favorite pieces of furniture or accessories into the design?

We do not discriminate when it comes to sourcing furniture—often the best fit or find for a space comes from the most unlikely spot. We source furniture from larger retail shops, to “to the trade vendors” and vintage and antique shops. We design custom furniture, and have it built in our local workroom or by skilled craftspeople. The sky’s the limit when it comes to locating furniture.

From the start, Ginny has helped to guide me to make great choices; at times giving me the nudge I need to get out of my comfort zone and other times bringing my unique taste to life in a way only she can.

- D.G.