Welcome, friends!

Many of you know me already, but for those of you who don’t, here goes.  I am a mom to two boys and two girls (in that order).  For better or for worse, I am a passionate person. I get as excited for the beginning of a new project as I do for the first snowfall and early summer mornings, for a brand-new playlist, new, sharp pencils and a giant cup of coffee. I believe in design—in creative and beautiful solutions to living spaces that are unique and functional. I believe in the process of designing a space and in the evolution of ideas that ultimately makes a home come to life.   

If you have found your way here, you have likely navigated through the launch of the new Ginger Ross + Co. website. Whether you are finding me for the first time, or are a loyal friend and follower, I am beyond thrilled to share my newest space with you—gingerrossdesign.com.

When I set out to build a new website, I knew that I wanted the final product to not only show an evolution of my work, but also to evolve with my work. The site should be timeless, beautiful, clean, functional—true to me. With a lot of self-reflection (not easy), writing (not easy), organizing and editing (still not easy), this site came to life. Hopefully it reads as true to you as it does to me—that is my goal. 

Knowing your strengths and surrounding yourself with others who are experts in their trade is something that I have learned to do. Lucky for me I found the talented Cody at Loki Loki to creatively bring my ideas and portfolio together in such a stunning way. Rikki Snyder’s genius photography made my spaces shine. Julia D’Agostino made me laugh and took some beautiful headshots. A handful of my amazing clients wrote the most genuine and complimentary testimonials about my work.  This site is a compilation, a collaboration and a true reflection of who I am. I am grateful and proud of all of the work it took to bring this space to life. I hope you visit again and again!